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Houston Community College Annual Design Charrette Event

The Design Charrette was created so that our students can be a contributing part of leading non-profit organizations that help make a difference in tomorrow's future. This will be a monumental donation by HCC's creative undergraduates. Working side by side collaborating and creating the designs that will help benefit our community organizations.

The students that make these contributions not only receive the satisfaction of the helping our community, but also receive community service credit as well. These non-profit organizations and the community in need have developed an idea that enables our innovative designers to come together in a wonderful learning experience that not only builds a community but raises up our city.

Past participating organizations have been so pleased with the results produced that many have requested to be added for our current and future students. Each year our students have contributed 2-4 hours per semester, and have created on the average 2 to 3 projects each, of the hundreds submitted.

Design Charrette is a positive and collaborative event guaranteed to generate amazing results!